Allergy Types

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The common allergies include:

  • Pollen – As the seasons change and the flowers are in bloom, they will release pollen. The pollen will get into the air and can be breathed in by those in the area. As more of the pollen gets into the air, there can be problems which will cause even those who normally do not suffer from allergies to feel symptoms.
  • Pet Dander – The skin from pets has certain oils in it which can cause a lot of irritation in the eyes and in the throat of those who are allergic to it. For some, simply coming into contact with a pet can cause the reaction. For others, the problem is only induced whenever there is a problem in which there is direct contact. Some will have specific allergies to either a dog or a cat. Others will have allergies to all animal dander.
  • Dust – The dust which can get into the air contains particles which are parts of the living things in the area. Parts of insects, dead skin from humans and other organic materials which can cause the lungs to have problems in processing the materials that you are breathing in. Using something like a HEPA air filter will help to remove much of the dust from the air.
  • Food – Specific allergies to food include those which are based on nut or dairy allergies. These can be allergies which last throughout the life or those which are strictly a problem which is for a period of your life. Making sure that you are avoiding foods which you are allergic to can help in avoiding discomfort as well as preventing death in some extreme cases.

If you suspect that you have any allergies, you should have your doctor perform a test on your blood to determine allergen levels. Follow this up with a prick test in order to find out exactly what you are allergic to.