Food Allergies

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Food Allergy
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Food allergies vary from light to extreme, and you may use the suggestions in this article to help mange your food allergies. Reactions to foods in your diet can set you back several days after a hospital visit or staying at home sick. Each suggestion in this article will aid you in your fight against your food allergies.

#1: Fruits And Vegetables

Allergies to fruits and vegetables are common among those who are allergic to poison ivy. Poison ivy is classified in the nightshade family, and there are several fruits and vegetables that fall into this category. Mangoes, tomatoes and eggplant fall into this category, and you must avoid them at all cost. There are those who are allergic to one vegetable in the family without being allergic to the others.

#2: Nut Allergies

Nut allergies can be especially troublesome for someone who is unsure what is in their food. You must be certain that everything you eat is free of nuts, nut oils or any traces of an allergen. Restaurants tell you if they prepare their foods with allergens present, and you must ask buffet employees if nuts are in their foods.

#3: The Aftermath

Food intolerance can cause hives all over your body, but you will find these hives around your mouth. Your immune system is responding to the allergens in your body, and you may find a rash in many places on your body while your system is fighting the allergens.
You must have an epi pen with you at all times to inject yourself if you are going into shock, and you may need to visit your doctor for assistance. The most extreme cases involve a trip to the emergency room for professional medical care.
You are able to get around food allergies when you are using the precautions explained in this article. Everyone with a food allergy must be diligent in their avoidance of the foods they are allergic to. You are well within in your rights when asking for information on how food was prepared, and you may need to order special dishes when you are eating in a restaurant. Seek medical care when you have an allergic reaction to prevent a dangerous reaction to a small mistake.