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Blood banking is an incredible and ethical way to ensure your future self is protected and secured with blood transfers in case any disease or accident that may require blood to be transfused. While it’s hopeful that you won’t need to use it, it can be a great security blanket that allows you to know you’re covered in case the need arises. Here are 4 major benefits to banking your blood for future use.

Your blood can be used for future diseases

Perhaps the biggest medical benefit to banking your blood is that you can use it for any future diseases that may arise. Even if you’re healthy and in a fit condition, there’s no telling if you’ll adopt a disease in the future that will need blood pumped in. In case of cancer, having your own blood to replace the diseased cells is a massive help to beating the disease.

You’ll have quick access to your blood

If for any reason you do need access to blood, you won’t have to be put on wait lists or worry about donors since you’ll have already taken care of the process. You should keep a card on your person with the information on how to gain access to your blood in case you’re in an accident and need access to your blood quickly.

You’ll have a quicker healing process

When your body needs new blood, your cells often need to adapt to this foreign source. When the blood is yours, you’ll have a quicker healing process that means faster recovery times and non-foreign blood in your body. For diseases that don’t have any current solutions or cures, having your own blood and stem cells means you’ll be more likely to beat the disease than if you didn’t.

Less risk of complications

When transferring blood to your body, sometimes there can be risks involved with the transfer, such as your body rejecting the blood. Complications can be significantly decreased when you’re using your own blood since your body doesn’t need to adapt to it.
When you’re banking your blood, it’s important to use a company who has 24 hour service and fast turnaround times in case you need your blood in a hurry. Fees can vary greatly as well, so be sure to talk to the blood bank about what services they offer and how long their storage systems last. While you may never need to use it, your stored blood can help out family members who may need it in the future, so the benefits are greater than yourself.